CNC Machine Inspection (New/Used) for you in Japan

As we can supply your satisfied machine, your technical concern can be solved.

@ISO Laser inspection

We can help you to inspect CNC machine tools for you at factory (Machine tool builders) or Used machine dealers in Japan if you need. This means that it is not necessary to dispatch your engineer to Japan.

Especially, we are technical specialist for Double column machining centers and Large CNC lathes.

1. Double column M/C
2. Horizontal M/C
3. Vertical M/C
4. NC Lathe
5. NC grinding machine

Accuracy of machine tools is very important. The performance of the machine should be tested before you purchase in Japan. Your any technical concern can be solved.

The inspection tests will be done based on;

* JIS standard
* ISO standard (by laser measuring inspection)
* Cutting test according to your drawing.

We can judge the machine accuracy properly whether your target requirement is satisfied.
Finally, we can submit the test report of the machine that you satisfy.

We have certificate of 1st grade license of machine tool assembly authorized by Japan Government.

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